Breakfast of Champions EP

by Nasty Nique Roots

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Houston MC Nasty Nique of Dirty-N-Nasty's solo EP project Breakfast of Champions, set to be released October 31st, 2010, is a melodic mix of Hip Hop and sport. A Nostalgic ode to the 93-95 Houston Rockets and that magical time in the city of Houston. From Choke City to Clutch City, Rockets earned that nickname by pulling off more improbable comebacks than any previous championship team. From being down 3-1 to Phoenix to their improbable run as a
6th seed in their 2nd championship season, the Houston Rockets of that era truly embraced and emboldened the never say die attitude carried by the citizens of Houston, TX.


released October 31, 2010

All Songs Produced by Hawk, Steez, The Black Rose, DJ Pooh, DJ Toomp, Organized Noize, & That Purple Bastard

Lead Vocals by Nasty Nique

All Songs Written by Tominique Roots

All Songs Mixed, and Mastered by Cole Clary for Purple Bastard Productions, Houston, TX.

All Songs Mixed and Mastered at Strangefield Studios, Houston, TX.

All Vocals Recorded at Dead City Sound, Houston, TX.

Album Layout & Design by Clyde Grant II of Image.In Photography and Mitch Wright

Photography by Clyde Grant II of Image.In Photography

Published by DirtyKnowsNasty productions Creative Commons



all rights reserved
Track Name: Pennies(Game 7/the Dream Shake)
hoopin in the city up or downtown/
ymca, fonde to the playgrounds/
now when I throw this alley oop can you please throw down?/
this is the sound when my pennys hit the ground(hoop it up)/

verse 1
1995, Houston, Texas home of the Summit/
Houston Rockets back-to-back champs, tell me who run it?/
from the gulf stream where hakeem was shaking niggas in his heyday/
like magic so easy when I play cause I do it the Penny hardaway/
Clutch City show no pity in this bitch/
breaking niggas nose like Rudy Tomjanavich/
so switch when see me moving on the pick/
like Calvin murphy the way my wrist be on the flick(perfect)/
perfect for certain check out how many boys im hurtin/
the way my khakis sittin on my hardaways like silk curtains/
the first version so fresh like a virgin/
that I speak of the kicks in first person/
Im too big for most point guards to deny and defend/
too fly for most jordanheads to try and pretend/
I can be your wosre enemy or best friend/
it just depends on what size im running in/


A youngsta in the 7th grade, with the killa southside fade/
my pops put on lay-a-way my first pair of penny hardaways/
the Black and blue colorways with the white suede/
in the gym everyday practicing my fadaways/
thinking maybe one day my J will get me to college/
so gotta keep my game like my shoes spitshined and polished/
my shots so money off the bank when I make my deposits/
that in high school i graduated to the gold foamposites/
I saved and paid a whole $156.04 cents/
now on point like the guard running the offense/
hand and hand on my jock checky checka my fresh/
not to mention I aint even lace em up yet/
Man a lil nigga living it up/
man them barkleys and them pippen wasnt giving enough/
tough I would have to say were those Jordan fadeaways/
but them shits couldnt hold a K, to my penny hardaways/
Track Name: ForEverEver(Mad Max/MVP)
For ever ever? For ever ever?

Now forever is such a very long time
To get a piece of mine there such a very long line
Sort of like the period that comes to a feline
Might be a little late, but im always on time

Always on the grind like a playa is supposed to
Cooler than a cool cup, you can place your cup up on my coaster
Or warm it, put my bread up in your toaster
I don’t wanna say much, but your boy is hung like a poster

So go on girl and do like like ya supposed to
And go on ahead and lay your head up on my shoulder
As I hold a ya waist, behind, and taste your neckline
Then maybe we can dip to somewhere more clandestine

Then put it in your intestine like the swine you eat
my name is Nasty Nique and im so happy to meet
You on this occasion and by your persuasion
Got me happy to put you in this awkward situation

Im thinking if god called and heaven was a mile away
Id put down the dial today and tell god to wait
Shit maybe even caller ID screen the call
One ring and then voicemail. Don’t pick up at all

Im just playing yall, but ya get what im saying ya’ll
a love this addictive can’t be safe at all
Like carbon levels building in your basement
All this love making, I think I need a knee replacement

You got my heart racing like nascar
Earth, wind, and fire your my aviatar
My shining star for all to see
What this girl can do to me

It might be you and I till the day we die
Why? Why ask why? Cause
We lie together, cry together
Man I swear to…I hope we fucking die together

Now look heart on my sleeve I don’t usually bear it
And my feelings I don’t usually share it but
She was my jenny and we were like peas and carrots
And them other broads you know they don’t hold no merits

But ahh alas, I guess we’ll always have Paris
You were the star next to my records like Roger Maris
Ohh that picture of us baby please don’t tear it(rip)
The TV we bought together how we supposed to share it?

But we knew Forever was such a very very long time
Especially between monthly trips and talking online
Plus if I would followed my first mind, in my right mind
I knew that my pelvic spine had his own mind

this break up shouldn’t be this difficult
Because our relationship was purely physical
So do you think that some day we can be together?
Um Forever forever ever forever ever?
Track Name: Gold Teeth(Olajuwon blocks Starks)

Niggas and they gold teeth (im shining)
Niggas when the hold heat(im blinding)
Represent they gold teeth (im shining)
Bust to you the white meat(im blinding)
Niggas for they gold teeth(im shining)
Represent they city streets(im blinding)
All about them gold teeth(im shining)

Poured strands from the sands of the Sahara
Sweat drops from Apollo’s sun that live and drip forever
Adopted by every culture, poached by corporate vultures
This song is a poem for The guerillas, hustlers, and The soldiers
The purest of gold is softer than any form of the purest of white
The vision of gold became the new standard over night
Some felt it had cleansing powers, while others thought of its evils
Given to Jesus by the Magi, from Cleopatra to the people
From 49ers, slaves in china to Jim Jones in Guyana, sirs
Kept the funding of apartheid alive in Johannesburg
El Dorado conquistadors to 79 El Dorado caddy doors
They say gold lines the streets of Jah heaven’s floors

Nazis burned Jews for they gold teeth
Police profile you because of your gold teeth
Romans burned the globe in search for a gold piece
They don’t wanna hire me because of my gold teeth


From Osiris and Isis to Bling Bling, and cash money
Now you got Paul Wall making grillz with TV Johnny
Big Daddy Kane in his prime wasn’t ever half stepping with his
The reason why the First Egyptians built the pyramids
Originally intended for Mouth and Dental restoration
But Soon Became a Dirty South hip-hop fashion statement
From Texas to Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama to Atlanta
Niggas got they shine on when they spoke that country grammar
King Midas didn’t buy this, but he would damn sure appreciate the flyness
Tighter than Tightness, the brightest of the brightest
This gold dust is the stuff ghetto dreams are made up
Exactly the substance that white America is afraid up

You got Yellow gold, white gold, and your red golds
When your fake golds get old then they turn to green gold
George bush sold his blue blood soul for a purple and gold robe
Soldiers fighting over that black gold
Track Name: Being Popular Sux(Kiss of Death)
Kristina with a K texting saying can we go to lunch
***** doesn’t say too much, all she wants to do is fuck
Country Ashlee wants to take me to see the monster trucks(but I cant)
im going to the casino with Courtney to press my luck
Aint talked to Brittney in a week, she left a voice recording
gotta get back at her, cant have her thinking that she aint important
Edith taking me to wine bars, sheit like I can afford em
Steez got them new beats, damn I need to record em
My nigga nebyou selling new Js,think he still gottem?
My high school sweetheart wants me to help her move up out the bottoms
Even my professor said my flow was awesome
It had him saying WHOA like Joey from Blossom
Now Christina with a c swears she owes me for pitchers
And all Shalimar wants to do is roll up my swishers
And Brandi gets mad cause I don’t say too much
Man im telling you being popular sucks

Everybodies looking for me
Always tying to find me
Acting like they need me
But u best Best believe me
Everybodies looking for me
Always tying to find me
Acting like they need me
But u best Best believe me

Being popular ….sux
Being popular…sux

When Treyci comes into town she gets my attention Undivided
tell Meghan im throwing a party and all her bad ass friends invited
but please please leave the spare tire bitches at home
that shit aint fly unless you ridin on chrome
Martina gotta booty like serena, face like nia long
Dara be our biggest hater, but always sings our songs
Babymama always calling to tell me ima jerk
And I just recently picked up some extra shifts at work
Gotta call my auntie, cause she sort like my mother
Gotta call my mother, cause she cant handle my bad ass brother
Dj arsnik wants me to MC to the break of dawn
and Dirty dog D wants to get fresh, Lodi Dodi on
I make plans with Kang Q , But he always flake out
Heather wants to take me to Kemah to eat at the Steakhouse
I cant hang with Sara, she cant keep it on the hush
Damn I’m telling you being popular sux

Verse 3
Drea is my princess she be the queen of my heart
I love it best when I take her swimming or to the park
Fuck a blog cause them nigga always wanna hate
Big Ups Hollywood Floss, I want to congratulate
I owe Mike some Wings on Wednesday from a game of horse
On Friday Tulani cutting my hair cause its getting coarse
Shit I love Talitha, cause she loves sports
I wont mind going one on one with her on the court
Jean and Joy are medical twins that be getting it in
On Mondays I do power yoga with big booty Karen
[But damn I wish that I could catch up with that girl Ronalyn
She looks like she could be in the Philippines doing some modeling]
My pops wants me to listen to the preacher in the pulpit
I cant cause all we wanna do is party and bullshit
people want me on their team, they know that im clutch
Damn being popular sux
Track Name: It Was A Good Day(Clutch City remix)
just waking up in the morning got thank jesus
I dont know but did u ever have a day so player you couldnt believe it?
drapped out like a druid, a little hot, but it aint humid
and babymomma aint calling with nuttin stupid
eattins sum taquitos with salsas and churriso
we gotta a black president now, all power to the people
maybe shit might change, thangs will get a little equal
but for now Im a hit the block stunting like evil kinevel
cause Im young, black, and hangin riding slow loud and bangin
and everytime I hit the rankin, I got the trunk swanging
driving slow like a yellow light
looking in my mirror not a jacker in sight
shit nigga already!
I got a churp this little betty who begiving out that good heady
hit my nigga DJ "yo bro come and scoop me up"
lets go down to U of H and hoop it up
get me on the court and im trouble
last week messed around and got a triple-double
shaking niggas like hakeem in his heyday
I cant believe today was a good day

drove to the pad and hit the shower
you already know that it took about an hour
(Im wondering)why do the cops always pause to harrass me
saw the laws today and they hauled right past me
no insurance, an expired sticker
warrants too, but the sirens didnt even flash or flicker
Just chopped up with fresh taper fade
went to shohezzys place, hey fellas what dew on the spades?
Place a bid, place a bid, naw nigga you renig
blind nil, double nil, they know the deal
Im gettem books, I gettem books and niggas losing it
boy Im get them books like a honor student
I picked up the cash flow
Then we play bones, and now im yelling peta roll
plus nobody I know got killed in westbury today
Today was a good day

I left my patnas house paid
pick up sum A1 ive been trying cut since the 9th grade(absurd)
but thats my word, she had the sprite, I had the sizzup
the rockets beat the spizzurs
I felted up her bag of goodies
pulled out my woody and smashed them sugar cookies
and my ping so mean, so mean
it made her scream like a bloody horror scene
I filled her head with ghetto dreams, exotic places, diamond rings;
Even told her she could play on the team,
took another crown sip then we dipped
in the crown vic she sucked a nigga dick before I dropped her off at the crib
Maine she aint even play the boy week like a calendar
your boy played that shit smoother than lavender
I wish all my days were like this 24/7
turned on the boxx: oh shit June 27th
no helacopters lookin for a murder
2 in the moring hit the whataburger
even saw a sign on the williams tower
and it said: NASTY's got the money and the power
late as hell, bitches texting me
cant believe today aint nobody have plex with me
Today I didnt even have to use my AK
I gotta say it was a good day
Track Name: Westbury Get the Money(Akeem)
Westbury get the money, Nasty Nique still out here paperchasin
Like the flyers these promoters promote, paper and time they still wasting
Times a ticking like the pop pop locker at the train station
Who used to pop lockers in high school for x’s and o’s like playstations
Yep Idea was Westbury’s nike vandal, the kid with the Marbury handles
The same kid who use to come to school in them payless sandals
Took on that graffiti handle to give niggas Ideas that they could not handle
And proceeded to knock em out the park like Mickey mantle
Or at least we preceded to spark in Hagar park after dark like a candle
With cigarellos and brownies we stole outta Randall’s
Dust in the wind getting blown in the treezys, with this little breezys
I hear one singing sum songs from lil weezy
Or maybe it was jeezy, or maybe some Gucci mane
Man the sleezy things I used to do for some choocie man
They minds were like trying to hold sand in your hand
They lives like taking a repetitive piss in the fan
But hey, I gave it chance like monopoly
And asked her for trust quite properly
I told this dime say a quarter for your thoughts, bitch tried to give me nickels
I gave a red hot sour look like whats the dill pickle?
Which got me to listen to her style of view
Her words ran me in a circle a mile or two
stillwaters cut deep, its cooler than icesickles when then knife hits you,
so I choose my words carefully like the hospital
God created man, man created machine
Machine runs on gasoline which comes from dinosaur creatine
Some believe that’s like believing Jack with the jelly bean
Africas Children raising teens cause they parents aint got no amphetamines
My niggas back home slanging and gone off promethazine
Brothers blast brothers, crying mothers getting it by any means
Now im not a betting man but I would put this on everything
That by any means we all looking for better means to stack some green
Things aint so fresh and so clean as BET makes it seem
Especially in a world filled Husseins and E.D Imins
Bushes, Reagans, and Clintons, political pushing and pimping
Meth addicts, rapists, secret societies and promiscuous women
Some times I just feel like im just living just to be living
No time like the present but mines aint got no bows or no ribbons
My neighbors gave me this gift with no belles or no trimmings
so im just rapping for paper givin back out the knowledge I was given
So tell me how the fuck a virus jump from a monkey to a junkie
To Then em-bred in the embryo of a young mommy
To give birth a knucklehead raised on knuckle sandwiches
To knocking out Mike Tyson with bloody bandages
Track Name: Underachiever(Never Underestimate the Heart of A Champion)
Im a U-N-D-E-R
A-C-H- I ever, forever
Yeah I know I can do better
Yeah yeah I know whatever

New Jordan tennis shoes, on couch watching comic view
Coffee table coated in the chronic residue
spinning on the turntables, Eating up all the fruity pebbles
Big Mama in the back checking her sugar levels
Head barely above water like submarine periscope
All day at home waiting on government envelopes
Sitting so cool smoking my mentholated Camels and Kools
Drinking kool-aid at the neighborhood swimming pools
Cooler than church fans with funeral homes on the cover
Cooler than a naked headed lover under covers with no rubbers
Ramen noodles and hamburger helper in abundant portions
Sickle cell, HIV and late-term abortions
The horses under my delta 88 lets me know that im great
My Forces were worn by the greatest players in 1988
Moses, Dantley, Moncrief
My flow and my talent is beyond belief

Now heres some food for thought, you do the dishes
I got an appetite for destruction, fast money, and bitches
A reciepe for death, Invation to procrastinaton
Never one to bust my ass like masterbation
Don’t tell me you like my charisma and swagger
You might as well drill me in the heart with the dagger
Cause without a focus that shit don’t matter
Without drive and purpose your worthless
A disservice like jack n the box drive thru workers
Cursing your orders, putting spit in your burgers
Cursing your seeds for infinite lives like the contra code
Up up, down down, left right, left right, B A so
I skeeball my way thru the game of life
My flow is destined for heaven cause I know im nice
A giant amoung men, a man amoung mice
Its time to get it right and make it come back twice

Verse 3
People always afraid of criticism scary
So what my voice don’t carry
My voice mix match the tempo and marry
The beat like my cousins andre and terri(RIP)
Or her parents my auntie gwen and uncle larry(RIP)
So today I decide to climb out of your prisons and bury
all these crabs in barrel, hanging on to the slab as I barrel
Down the avenue, brother I aint even mad at you
Nobody criticizes the moon for taking the suns shine
So im what im saying is….son…shine
Shit go get yours, get mine, leave the non believers blind
Make em respect your mind
The green devil not only comes from bottles of absinth
let the green in your eyes be hollow and absent
let go of the hate, let go of the malice
Kings of this rap thing, who’s palace?